Abstract Submission Guidelines

Lead/Corresponding Author: Name; Institutional Affiliation; Email Address.

Co-author(s): Name; Institutional Affiliation.

Abstracts for research papers should be concise and factual. The research objective, key findings, and main conclusions should all be briefly stated in the abstract. It must be able to stand alone since an abstract is normally presented apart from the article. References should be avoided. Unusual or non-standard abbreviations should be avoided. However, if necessary, they must be specified at first mention in the abstract. The goal of an abstract is to give a clear, succinct summary of the data offered in the full paper. The context of the work, a statement of the problem, a justification, a working hypothesis, a brief description of the techniques, a summary of the results, and a conclusion should all be included in the abstract. Literature citations and references to tables, figures, or equations found in the body of the full paper should not be used. A clear summary of the study's conclusions and implications should be included at the end of the abstract. A review paper should be written in a slightly different manner. The background, problem description, methodology, areas of analysis, key conclusions, policy implications, and suggestions for the future must be included in the abstract. All abstracts submitted for this conference should not be more than 250 words in length. Accordingly, all abstracts must be accompanied by a minimum of 5 keywords.

For details and submissions, kindly click on "Fill out Form". Alternatively, abstracts can be submitted via the official email address of ACMED: acmed@aust.edu.ng.

Deadlines: August 25, 2023: Deadline for Submission of Abstracts.

October 27, 2023: Deadline for Submission of Full Paper.