Full Paper Submission Guidelines

In accordance with academic and professional protocols, ACMED COSMIRTEP cannot accept an article if it is not the author's original work, has been published before, or is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The article must not contain any libelous or unlawful statements or in any way infringe the rights of others. All authors must declare they have read and agreed to the content of the submitted article.

An author may submit an article if that article (either the same or substantially similar) has previously been under consideration with another publisher or journal. However, the author must have formal written evidence of the rejection or withdrawal of the article from the original place of submission. The author must be the owner of the copyright and be entitled to sign the Author Copyright Agreement. To submit an article, authors must comply with these conditions. In addition, the ACMED COSMIRTED reserves the right to re-referee and/or reject an accepted article if the article is later found to be at variance with the criteria outlined in the review form, or if the article is in some other way deemed possibly unsuitable. Article Structure For reference, please use the Chigaco reference style. Sample articles are available here. Please visit. An original article would normally consist of 5000-7000 words (excluding figures, tables, and references. All articles must be written in UK English. If English is not your first language, please ask an English-speaking colleague to proofread your article. Submissions may be formatted in single or double spacing, preferably in Times New Roman size 12 font. All accepted articles would be correctly formatted for publication. The text of the article should include the following:

• Title

• Abstract

• Keywords

• Introduction

• Methodology

• Results and discussion

o Tables, figures, and captions

• Conclusion

• References and notes

Do not include the names of authors, their biographical notes, or any acknowledgments. Please make sure that the authors' names are not included in the document/file properties.

Article Guidelines

The requirements for ACMED COSMIRTEP full paper submission for guidelines. However, some common requirements for full paper submissions include:

1. Paper Length: A specified page limit for full paper submissions. This limit can range from 6(single line spacing) to 12(Double line spacing) pages. It is important to adhere to this page limit, as papers exceeding the limit may be rejected.

2. Formatting: Full papers must be formatted according to the conference's guidelines. This typically includes using a specific template or formatting style (e.g., APA, IEEE), specifying the font size and type, line spacing, margins, and other formatting details.

Abstract: Full papers usually require an abstract, which is a concise summary of the paper's main objectives, methodology, and findings. All abstracts submitted for this conference should not be more than 250 words in length. Accordingly, all abstracts must be accompanied by a minimum of 5 keywords

3. Title and Authors: The full paper should include a title that accurately represents the content of the paper. Additionally, the names and affiliations of all authors should be included.

4. Introduction and Background: The paper should provide an introduction and background section that presents the research problem or question, the motivation behind the study, and the relevant literature review.

5. Methodology: Full papers should include a clear description of the research methodology or approach used in the study. This section should provide enough detail for the reader to understand how the research was conducted.

6. Results and Discussion: The paper should present the results of the study, including any statistical analyses or findings. The results should be discussed and interpreted in relation to the research question or objective.

7. Conclusion: The full paper should include a conclusion that summarizes the main findings and their implications. This section should also discuss any limitations or future research directions.

8. References: A list of references should be included at the end of the full paper, following the Chicago citation style. The references should be properly formatted and include all the necessary information for the reader to locate the cited sources.

N/B: It is crucial to carefully read and follow the conference's guidelines for full paper submissions to ensure that the paper meets the required format and content criteria.